Better known as God's own country, Kerala is a tropical paradise with palpable beauty and boast of the highest literacy in India. Kerala renowned for its bewitching backwater countries and tropical atmosphere is always in the list of the tourists coming to India for Kerala tour. Often referred as the land of Ayurveda', Kerala's climate, rich forests and the cool monsoon season (June-November) are best suited for ayurvedic healing and restoration. Coconut is an integral part of the cuisine of the people of Kerala. Chilies, curry leaves, mustard seeds, tamarind and a safetida happen to be other vital ingredients in the hot and spicy dishes from Kerala. Fish and rice form a part of daily meals of the people. The fascinating and tranquil backwaters add to the glory of Kerala Tour.

Where is God's Own Country Located ?

Modes of Transportation

» By Air - South India Kerala is well connected to all major airports in India like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. Kochi and Calicut are other two airports connected from air to other cities in India.

» By Rail - Railways connect most of the places in the state to places in the other parts of the country and inside the state. Long-distance express trains connect to almost all places outside the state like Mumbai, New Delhi.

» By Road - Kerela has good road network and the major modes of road transport are buses, tourist taxis, cars, and local taxis and autos.

Kerala Tourist Attractions

The Panacea of Ayurveda : South India Kerala is considered one of the finest places for Kerala Ayurveda treatment. This unique branch of medicine believes in the treatment of not just the affected part, but the individual as a whole, making it the natural way to perfect health and harmony of life.

Kerala Beaches : Most of India's finest beaches are in Kerala. Some of the important Kerala beaches are :

Kovalam Beach : Kovalam is a world-renowned beach resort and a favourite haunt of tourists to India, since 1930s. Edged with swaying coconut and palm trees, this ivory beach is impressively unique. Kovalam Beach consists of three successive small crescent beaches; the southern most known as Lighthouse Beach, is open for Kerala tourism.

The Varkala Beach : Vakala is a waterfront resort and spa and is also an important Hindu pilgrimage centre. Lofty cliffs with rich mineral springs rise magnificently from the coastline. Other important beaches to visit include Kappad Beach, Kappil Beach, Kizhunna Ezhara Beach, Marari Beach (Mararikulam) and many more.

Kerala Temples : Kerala Temples are not only known for religious importance but are also known for great architectural set up in Kerala Tour Package. Some are colossal and profusely decorated while others are small with simple yet exquisite decor. Kerala has a rich mythological heritage and there are Kerala temples of several gods and goddess almost throughout the state. Some of the famous Kerala temples are Sabarimala Temple, Vadakkumnathan Temple, Guruvayoor Temple, Chottanikkara Temple and many more.

Kerala Wildlife Santuary : South India Kerala is a home to some of the finest Wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks. Each one houses rare animals, birds, reptiles, insects and plants. Some of the known wildlife sanctuaries are Eravikulam National Park, Periyar National Park, Silent Valley National Park, Wynad Wildlife Sanctuary and many more guided by Kerala Tour Operators.

Food : Kerela is famous for its traditional mouth-watering cuisine. The unusual cuisine of Kerala brings to the fore the culinary expertise of the people of Kerala. Sadya, the typical Kerala feast served on a banana leaf, is a sumptuous spread of rice and more than fourteen vegetable dishes - sambar, rasam, olan, kaalan, pachadi, kichadi, aviyal, etc. Coconut water, 'the world's safest natural soft drink', is a refreshing nutritious thirst quencher. The land and the food are rich with coconut, though chilies curry leaf, mustard seed, tamarind and asafoetida form an integral part of the food here during Kerala tour.